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​​Our mission is to help passionate individuals discover their business & personal breakthroughs.

Welcome to Lean Hustler

We’re the Trikha brothers and we help entrepreneurs, like you, create their dream company. There are so many business owners that are in a deadly cycle of chaos and disorder because their companies do not have proper systems, correct strategy, or high impact tools & tactics for success. Trust us we know the feeling, but don’t worry there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

When we first started out as young entrepreneurs with big dreams to become successful, we were met with a cold hard reality slap in the face! Turns out owning a business isn’t so glamorous.

Those lifestyle Instagram accounts with the exotic cars, private jets, & yachts lied to us. Our first business was chaotic, unorganized, and we lacked speed. We had to unfortunately shut the business down and we both got hit with debt, extremely low credit scores, disappointment, & frustration. Yet, we were determined to create the successful business of our dreams.

So we pulled on our mentor & father: AK (Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma). With his intensive training we immersed ourselves in business methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma & ISO to perfect how a business can run with maximum efficiency and organization. After becoming experts on Lean Six Sigma, we began helping companies become successful with our consulting firm: Lean QA. We helped organizations such as Cheescake Factory, Zodiac Aerospace, & Allstate achieve their biggest goals.

We got amazing feedback after creating powerful systems & efficiencies for our clients. After helping these large corporations, we decided every Entrepreneur deserves to be in control of their company. That’s why we created the Lean Hustler movement. We want to show every generation of entrepreneurs that they can build a scalable business with quickness & agility, yet not compromise on quality.

We strive to give you as much value as possible through our coaching, hybrid online programs, & mentoring. Lean Hustler is more than efficiency or business tactics; it’s about becoming a confident & world class leader. Become a Lean Hustler and join a community of driven people who hustle smart.

You can start off viewing all our free content on our website & on our social media platforms. Once you’re ready to take yourself and your business to the next level, enroll in our hybrid training & coaching programs. We’ll see you in there!

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