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31 Oct: Mission-Based Prioritization

Countless books have been written on prioritization, yet most people continue to be extremely busy spending time doing things that are not truly a high priority. Being busy gives us the perception that progress is being made. But, this is a false perception. Busyness and completion of the less critical can prevent you from reaching your goals. 


31 Oct: Get People to Like You in 90 Seconds

If you’re reading this, you’re human. Humans need other humans-to function in society, at work, and to have personal relationships. And, humans want other people to like them. Experts say this can be done in as little as 90 seconds with a few simple body language tricks. Interested?


01 May: Continued Enthusiasm for Your Business

Ah, the excitement of opening your own business. It’s one of the most powerful ways to take control of your own life. Maybe that’s why you did it. But, what happens when your business routine becomes mundane and your interest-level drops? This could mean the beginning of the end for your business.


25 Apr: Creating your own life experiences

If you see life through Lens A, you are living your life in a reactive way. This means waiting for something to happen to you or around you, then blaming others for what happened or didn’t happen without taking any personal responsibility for the situation. This mentality includes language such as: “he made me so mad that I had to…,” or “she made me feel bad about myself,” or “I didn’t have a choice.”


10 Apr: Attracting Positivity And Success

Be careful what you ask for. Has anyone ever told you that? Often called ‘The Law of Attraction,’ ‘speaking things into existence,’ Egyptian metaphysical science, Karma, or Proverbs 23:7, what you ask for refers to the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on and whatever we speak. It means if you focus on the hurtful, the failures, the anger, the hate, and the negative thoughts and emotions that surround them, you will attract more of them into your life. It also means if you focus on the delight, the wonder, the awe, the amazing, the happiness, the love, and the positive, you will attract more of that.  


10 Mar: What You Seek is Seeking You: Your Legacy Is Waiting For You

Leaving a legacy is an important part of life’s purpose. People want to know that their lives matter in some way. The legacy may not be a contribution that that changes the universe; it may be a contribution that will always be remembered by those lives you influenced and something that they can be pass forward to others. Following the wisdom of poet, scholar, and theologian Rumi, here are a few steps to leave a great legacy: