Get People To Like You In 90 Seconds

Get People To Like You In 90 Seconds

If you’re reading this, you’re human. Humans need other humans-to function in society,

If you’re reading this, you’re human. Humans need other humans-to function in society, at work, and to have personal relationships. And, humans want other people to like them. Experts say this can be done in as little as 90 seconds with a few simple body language tricks. Interested?

Here’s a quick description of a few simple body language techniques to make people like you in 90 seconds or less:

1 Flash your eyebrows. According to Psychology Today: “The eyebrow flash is a quick up and down movement of the eyebrows. As people approach one another they eyebrow flash each other to send the message that they do not pose a threat. Since eyebrow flashes can be seen at a distance, people typically eyebrow flash as they approach others.”
2 Tilt your head. Another subtle body expression that signals you do not pose a threat is a head tilt. Psychology Today explains this is probably because tilting your head exposes the carotid artery in your neck which is the primary source of blood to your brain. Exposing this shows you are vulnerable and open.

3 But, wait until you make contact with someone to smile, says Business Insider. This shows you don’t just walk around smiling at everyone which makes your smile more meaningful to the recipient.
4 Make eye contact. Keeping eye contact with someone while you speak lets them know you think they are interesting and what they are saying is important. When you don’t make eye contact, it can indicate you’re untrustworthy or uninterested, and you don’t want that.
5 Stop fidgeting. When engaged in conversation, refrain from unnecessary movements. Experts say fidgeting is interpreted as nervousness and can also indicate you are lying. Common forms of fidgeting, according to com, include: twisting your hands; playing with your hair or clothing; tapping a pen or drumming on the table.
Make it a way of life to show each person you meet the same amount of respect with your words and with your actions. What isn’t said can have a larger influence on your relationships that was is said. As American poet Maya Angelou said: