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If you want to learn a winning system that will help you achieve milestone goals quickly, successfully launch your products, and get to the market faster than you have ever done in the past, then you are in the right place.

When you’re not using an efficient and effective system to achieve your goals, then you’re wasting critical time, and most likely falling behind the competition. You’re a winner, let’s not let that happen.

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This is NOT for people who like getting things handed to them. This is definitely not for those who enjoy 10th place trophies

But if you want to accelerate your progress,

achieve more in less time and get ahead of the competition, then keep on reading

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You probably have one big question right about now. How will using the Goal Accelerator System help me achieve what I want quicker?

Before we jump into the nitty gritty to answer that question, we would like to share a few important statistics with you from a Harvard Business study that was conducted:

83% of the population does not have goals.

Out of the 17% of the population that does have goals, only 3% have them written down.

Those 3% who have goals written down are 30 times more successful than the 83% of the population that does not have goals.

Now imagine how much more successful you can be with a system that not only has you write down goals that will take you to the next level, but also provides you with tools and tactics to achieve them quicker than you ever expected.

We want to share with you how you can get access to an incredibly effective system, so you can continue striving for greatness and crushing goals in record times.

For the past 3 years, our clients have tremendously benefited from the systems we created for them to run their operations. They have consistently seen their businesses grow because of our systems.

We decided to take the best practices from all the systems we have implemented for our clients in the past 3 years and we created the Goal Accelerator System.

If you want to rapidly achieve your goals, grow your business, and control the chaos that surrounds you as an Entrepreneur….

Then the Goal Accelerator System is for you!

Here’s how it works!


In the exclusive live kickoff webinar, we’ll go over the 6-week program, and introduce the awards and prizes you can get!


Each week for 6 weeks you’ll receive access to a special online course with a theme custom tailored for that specific week.


You’ll get an action guide that will help you implement the tools and tactics you learn each week


There will be a discussion board in the course each week where each member of the community, and Lean Hustler Experts can share insights, best practices, communicate with each other, and answer questions.


At the end of every week, we’ll do a live mastermind coaching webinar.


Each Mastermind coaching webinar is 1.5 hours long and will include more real world actionable advice, relatable examples, a Q&A portion, and a challenge.


In the closing webinar we’ll have the awards ceremony where we’ll pass out awards and prizes to those who won.


You’ll also get an E-book with detailed information on all the tools and tactics from each week, so you can refer to it anytime you want.

The 6 Week Program Topics will be

Week 1
Build a Foundation

(Understanding what the basic building blocks are before getting started with any work)

Week 2
Prioritize to Win

(Tools that show you how to identify what your priorities, and how to follow through with them)

Week 3
Create a System

(A winning methodology of how things get done)

Week 4
Organize Yourself

(Simplify, and organize to get rid of stress and chaos)

Week 5
Master the Inner Game

(Defining a winning internal process)

Week 6
Productivity Hacks

(Learn what the legends do to accomplish more than anyone else)

When you join this program, you’ll receive recommendations on the online apps that we use at Lean Hustler to achieve our goals rapidly. We’ll also break down exactly how we use these apps, and how they have improved our game.
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Do you want to be a part of a community of encouraging, likeminded, and badass individuals?

The Goal Accelerator System gives you a platform to connect with valuable people, so you can develop a high-powered network.

  • Learn from each other’s best practices
  • Collaborate with smart, ambitious, and driven people
  • Surround yourself with winners and become an action taker
  • Make connections with people on the same wavelength as you
  • Work in groups on the quizzes and pass each quiz with flying colors

Full Value of this Training:

6 Online courses that are EACH filled with 3-4 extremely valuable tools and tactics
1.5 hour Weekly Live Mastermind Webinar Coaching sessions with Q&A access
Unlimited E-mail access and Support from the Lean Hustler Experts for 8 full weeks
Action Guides and other downloadable resources
Discounted price to Live Bootcamps that have transformative workshops
E-book that details insights and how to guides for all the tools and tactics taught in the program
Value Offer $ 3,400

Who is this for

  • You want to become quicker at achieving your goals and finishing key projects
  • You want to create systems that scale so well you don’t have to be there
  • You want to earn the reputation as a “go getter” and a “high achiever”
  • You want to learn key tactics to take control and stay in control
  • You want to grow and sustain your business
  • You want Coaching and Accountability

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